Counterfeit Money Detector Fake Bank Note Checker Portable UV Cash Tester

Reference: DP-386
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Hand Held Counterfeit Detector


 Money makes the world go round, but it also makes your business go round too. But counterfeiting is on the rise, so it pays to be vigilant. Bearing that in mind, don't take any chances when it comes to protecting yourself from accidentally accepting counterfeit cash given to you either through criminal behaviour or genuine mistake. Using the T-Mech handheld counterfeit cash ultraviolet scanner, you can check banknotes instantly and make sure they're the real deal, thereby protecting yourself from crime or from committing a crime by accepting anything fake. The UV light shows watermarks and UV ink on banknotes or official documents, so you can tell instantly whether to accept them or not. Instantly check cash, driving licences, passports, credit cards, cheques, ID cards and smart water property markings. Because it's battery operated, it's perfect for using on the move, for example on public transport, or at market stalls, festivals or other events where plug sockets are in short supply but cash or documents need to be properly checked. With the handy strap and fold-out attachment you can either use this as a handheld device or set it up on a table or desk. Need to check cash or documents in the dark? No problem, because the T-Mech handheld counterfeit cash ultraviolet scanner also has a built-in torch, so there's no way any fakery is getting past you. Counterfeit Money Checker Features:Battery operated, no plug requiredLightweight and portableWorks with all currencies, credit cards, ID cards, passports, driving licenses and other watermarked documentsBuilt-in torch for working at night or outsideWrist strapFold out attachment that supports the detector when placed on desks or tables


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