Vitamins for dogs Multikanevit

Tax included

- with inflammation of the eyes and growing loss of vision;
- keratosis of the skin and mucous membranes and difficult wound healing;
- for alopecia;
- with reduced resistance of the body to infections;
- long-term treatment with antibiotics and sulfonamides;
- for osteomelation and signs of rickets;
- in pregnancy and lactation;
- metabolism is impaired;
- with reduced appetite and weight loss;
- in spasms and paralysis of the muscles;
- to stimulate growth and cardiac activity;
- to improve liver function;
- to support the locomotor apparatus;
- to stimulate sexual activity and fertility;
- for the physical strengthening of dogs and cats during competitions or exhibitions;
- to strengthen the immune system
- to prevent diabetes and to raise HDL - cholesterol (so-called "good" cholesterol);
Recommended daily dose
1 tablet per 10 kg. table twice a day.