Ancol Nylon Padded Dog Puppy Reflective Harness

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If your dog pulls slightly when out walking, a padded nylon dog harness offers more support for your dog than a collar.

The harness will support the chest, shoulders and neck instead of just the neck in the case of the traditional dog collar. This can also reduce rubbing that some dogs can experience.

When fitting for the first time, undo the nylon clip, place the harness on the floor with the padded section upwards.

It does not matter which way round the harness faces, there is no back or front. Encourage your dog to also stand with both feet in the loops of the harness.

Simply draw the harness up to your dog’s chest and clip the nylon clip together. Then adjust the harness for a comfortable fit using the four nylon slide adjusters.

The dog harness should be a close fit without causing any undue stress or irritation. Fit the dog lead to the “D” ring and that’s it! You can simply un-clip the harness for removal and also re-fitted without the need for further adjustment.

Please note, it is strongly advised you do not tether your dog while this harness is fitted.

The breeds mentioned are for general guidance. For other breeds choose the type it most resembles in size.

Please remember that these sizes are purely a guide and that dog sizes can also differ enormously within each breed category.

Dog harness M

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