Car Wire Connector Plug Kit, Waterproof Motorcycle Auto Electrical Wire Connector

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300pcs Wire Connector Kit,Waterproof Connector,Car Waterproof Plug Pins


300pcs Wire Connector Kit, Waterproof Connector, Car Waterproof Plug Pins, Sealed Waterproof Connector, Car Waterproof Electrical Terminal 1/2/3/4 Pin Plug with Box
【Complete 300 Piece Kit】: Super-sealed and waterproof 1, 2, 3 and 4 pin electrical connector set with wire connector cap and connector pin.
【Excellent Quality】: Waterproof wire connector is made of high quality environmentally friendly materials, waterproof, antioxidant, this car wire connector is covered with nylon insulation on the outside and brass inside with high electrical conductivity. Operating temperature: -40 ° C ~ 120 ° C. You can use it with confidence.
【Easy to Install】: First strip, then put on the small yellow rubber, crimp the pins on the wires, and then fit them into the lugs, insert this one from the back into the connector it clips at the bottom
【Connection Terminals】: Waterproof plug connector use high-precision copper plating process to improve electrical conductivity, are easy to install under solder and crimp, and the colored fuses are easy to identify, thus protecting your car and electrical equipment short circuits and overloads.
【Wide Range of Applications】: Waterproof car wire connector kit ideal for all kinds of motorcycles, scooters, cars, trucks, tricycles, caravans, boats, wheeled boats, motor boats, wheeled boats, etc.
POKIENE Set of 300 1/2/3/4 Pin Male / Female Car Waterproof Electrical Connectors, Pin Plug Kit, Waterproof Car Plug Connector
Characteristics :
-High quality nylon male and female waterproof connectors, electrically insulated
-The wire is tinned brass to prevent rusting.
-Operating temperature: -40 ° c ~ 120 ° c
- Equipped with rubber gasket makes the kit more waterproof
-Electric waterproof connector ideal for motorcycle, scooter, car, truck etc
Material: plastic + copper
Black color
Packaging: in a storage box
Package contents:
Waterproof 1-pin connector set:
8 single pin male connector housings and insert.
8 single pin female connector housings and insert.
Waterproof 2-pin connector set:
6 two-pin male connector housings and insert.
6 female connector boxes with two pins and insert
. Set of waterproof 3-pin connectors:
6 three-pin male connector housings and insert.
6 three-pin female connector housings and insert.
Waterproof 4 pin connector set:
6 male connector boxes with four pins and insert.
6 female connector boxes with four pins and insert.
124 silicone rubber cable seals.
62 male terminals.
62 female terminals.
OCR 300Pcs