The machine for a hairstyle of dogs of GM-1023

Reference: GTS 6618
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GTS 6618 professional Electric cordless dogs cutting cats clipper Pets animal Clipper


Almost in each house or in the apartment there is a favourite pet, whether it be a dog, a cat, small fishes, hamsters and other parrots! For all of them timely leaving and care is necessary. As the classic spoke: "We in the answer for those who were tamed!", for this reason treats keeping of pets it is necessary to belong, especially responsibly. Today speaking about pets our house, I meant dogs and cats.

How often you drive the friend to the hairdresser? How much for this procedure and whether the hairstyle of your pet was qualitatively made enough? If addresses search engines, then there hairstyles begin from 3000 tg. Departure of the master is paid separately, and is not clear to what qualification this master yet whether will be able to cope with your animal? Too many questions seem, and doubts this problem generates …

All these issues can be resolved for time – simply to buy the machine for a hairstyle of pets of Hair Clipper GM-1023 Learn to cut your favourite. It is enough to remember a saying which says: "if you want to make well, then make!"


 Wireless and wire operating modes Edges act easily and cleaned Complete set: - the machine for a hairstyle - nozzle - charger (adapter) - oil for lubricant of elements<

GTS 6618