Travel Puppy Cat Drinking Cup Outdoor Pet Water Dispenser Feeder Pet Product

15,50 €
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The design of the dog water bottle combines a drinking cup and bottle, will not leak when rotated 360 degrees. It has a 10.5 oz water capacity and an O-shaped drinking tank, making it easier for pets to drink water. It is suitable for all kinds of pets to use outdoors for a long time.

The dog water bottle is equipped with a drain button. Press the button and the water will flow out. The built-in silicone sealing ring ensures double waterproof and leak proof functions. If you hold down the button and keep the cup upright, you can let the water flow back into the cup.
The pet water bottle is made of food grade material. A variety of functions are integrated, including water bottle, stool shovel, pet stool garbage bag. Each component can be disassembled and used independently. Small size, easy to carry and clean.

It is equipped with excrement shovel, which can be buckled on the cup when not in use. Just take it out of the cup and put it into a safe and hygienic garbage bag that will not pollute the environment. There are some portable garbage bags at the end of the cup, which can be pulled down conveniently and quickly when necessary.