LED ПРОЖЕКТОРИ 400W, 220V, 6000K, IP66, 40000lm

Референция: FLOODLIGHT 400w
45,00 €
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  • Мощност - 400W
  • Работно напрежение - 220V
  • Цвят на светлината - бяла
  • Цветна температура - 6000K
  • Светлинен поток - 40000lm
  • Ъгъл на светене - 150°
  • Диоди - SMD
  • Материал - алуминий
  • Цвят на тялото - черен
  • Степен на защита - IP66
  • Работна температура - -30°C/+50°C
  • Живот - 35000 часа

1. High power but compact size

The 400W floodlights are small and easy to install. The enclosure is made of high quality aluminum and is not easily damaged and corroded. The use of super energy saving LED chips and 265V driver offer super-bright while stable illumination.

2. Good heat dissipation.

The special heat-dissipation structure guarantees the heat dissipation requirements of the floodlights. Lesser heat inside the flood lamp can extend the life span.

3. Energy saving and environmentally friendly

This 400W LED floodlights are made of non-toxic materials unlike fluorescent lamps containing mercury that causes pollution. At the same time, the LED products can be recycled. For the same lumen output, LED use lesser power than metal halide and halogen flood lamps.

The flood lamp can be widely used in street lighting, construction sites, building lighting, hotels, docks, factories, gas stations, football fields, golf courses, green landscape lighting and so on.